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Computational Language Understanding (CLULAB) on Github
2016 onward

Explanations for Science Questions
University of Arizona, Stony Brook University & Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
This is the dataset for the paper What’s in an Explanation? Characterizing Knowledge and Inference Requirements for Elementary Science Exams (COLING’16). The data contains: gold explanation sentences supporting 363 science questions, relation annotation for a subset of those explanations, and a graphical annotation tool with annotation guidelines.
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SISTA-QA Discourse-aware Question Answering System (co-author)
A state-of-the-art question answering system including shallow and deep (RST) discourse models.
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Straw2Gold (co-author)
A package for training monolingual alignment and lexical semantic models using discourse structure.
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NLP Processors (contributor)
A one-stop package for NLP processors and data structures, through a Scala API.
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SayWhen: Speech Onset Detection (co-author)
A state-of-the-art automated algorithm and interface for highly-accurate speech onset detection in
psycholinguistics and cognitive experiments.
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